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The Heroine of Misfit Animals: Karen Jackson (Part 2)

"I'm not getting any more cats."

- karen jackson circa 2020-2021 on multiple occasions

You all may remember back in May when we re-told the story of Karen saving the "Danger Twins" (two kittens who were saved from the street right outside of our store). You may be wondering.... where are they now? Are they doing well? Yes, they're doing great, and yes, Karen did in fact keep them (against all her protests to do so).

Well, while Karen was out running 314 miles across the state of Tennessee, there was another misfit destined to join the family and be saved by the Heroine herself. Here's Karen's story:

Day 4, early morning hours coming into the Lewisburg area but still out on 4 lane Mooresville Highway, very industrial area, with high rock formations where the highway was cut through the mountain. This little guy came out of the darkness, crying and following us. It’s a place no kitten belongs. We thought he was feral though, as he’d get close but dart away. When his darting started going into the highway instead of the rocks on the shoulder I finally just saw an opportunity to sweep him up in one quick motion, fully expecting to be torn up by his claws. Although startled, he quickly settled in & let me carry him 4 miles into town where we left him on the porch of Southern Smiles Dentistry. Why there? Because I overheard Annette Prince Dykes telling someone that her dentist had a big front porch where they could nap. Thinking at least it would get him off the road and a chance at a life, I left him there with my buff wrapped around him. I messaged Annette around 3am and told her what I’d done but really expected the kitten would have moved on. She called them when they opened and he was still on the porch, crying at 9:15am. Annette had no idea what trouble being my friend can be! She found herself driving to Lewisburg, picking up the kitten, getting him seen by a vet for injuries on his face (he said were consistent with being tossed from a moving car), and taking care of him until we finished.

Two days later, Karen finished the race and Louie came home to South Carolina to join the misfit crew. Welcome to the family, Louie! Here's a picture update with 4 of the many rescues that have crossed Karen's path!

From left to right: Bonnie (Danger Kitten 1), Louie (saved from the streets of TN), Nugget (the sassiest kitten saved by the sassiest man, Terry), and Gerrie (Danger Kitten 2)


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