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Pumpkin Painting 101

Pumpkin Painting 101 - Santee Hardware

We, at Santee Hardware love fall. The leaves disappear and reveal the funnest season, full of imagination. One of our favorite seasonal projects is pumpkin painting. It takes less preparation than pumpkin carving, is easier to clean up, and has a longer shelf life.

So grab some apple cider, light some candles and settle in for this whimsical fall project.


The first step is to pick out your design. You can find an endless supply of inspiration on Pinterest. There you can find ideas for a spooky pumpkin, a magical Harry Potter pumpkin, or a more classic Jack O Lantern design.

Personally, we like these miniature painted pumpkins. You can easily place them around your house, or taken them in to work for everyone’s amusement.

Tiny Painted Witch Pumpkin

Tiny painted bridge troll pumpkin

Tiny painted silly witch pumpkin

Tiny Painted love potion witch

You’ll want to pick out one with a smooth surface. Be sure to avoid the ones with lots of blemishes. Alternately, you might incorporate blemishes into your design as scars on a zombie or a witch's warts.

The next step is to come on down to Santee Hardware to get your supplies. Depending on your design, we’ll help you choose the right paintbrush to get you started. We have a variety of artist's brushes, foam brushes and paint pens.

From there, we’ll guide you to the paint department. You’ll want to use acrylic paint or hobby/craft paint for this project. You’re in luck as we have a variety of Krylon craft paints, general purpose acrylic paints and funky spray paints to make your pumpkin design special. We’ll help you match the colors for your design.

Once you’re home, you’ll want to wash & dry your pumpkin before painting. Be sure to spread out an old copy of the Times & Democrat or your paper Santee Hardware shopping bag to catch any paint drips.

We’d love for you to share a picture of your finished masterpiece on our Facebook page. After Halloween, we'll help you work on a new design for your Thanksgiving decorations.

We’ll see you soon.

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