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The Gate Keeper of April Fools Day

If you've been around a while, you know that April 1st is always a big day around here. This year was no different! Karen was locked and loaded with a plan to prank Terry.

As always, it was a family affair and Karen enlisted Kyle to help set up Terry bright and early Thursday morning. Of course, Karen and Kyle weren't there Thursday morning, that would give them away. No no, they planned ahead and hung back Wednesday evening, knowing that Terry is always the first to arrive to get the store set up.

To start, Karen swapped some of the padlocks around by putting a lock on the gate that belonged on the door and vice versa. Then her partner-in-crime, Kyle, came behind her to turn the lock around so that Terry had to completely re-route his morning by going inside the store first, rather than coming through the back.

Just when Terry thought he'd bypassed all of Karen's pranks, he realized they'd just begun. When arriving to the counter to start up the computers for the day, he found that she'd replaced all of the backgrounds on the computers to the most obnoxious thing she could find, including setting them on the rotate setting that no one has used since 2003.

But that wasn't the end of his computer troubles... Terry quickly found out something was wrong with all three computers. Karen had unplugged the power from one computer, unplugged just the keyboard for another, and turned off the wireless mouse to the third.

Needless to say, Terry's typical morning routine took way longer than usual. But he was a good sport about it. I think you have to be after over 10 years of putting up with Ms. Karen's hi-jinx year after year. Time will only tell what next year will hold, and word has it that Karen is already scheming...


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