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Mums the word


It's Fall which means it's Mum season. It's certainly hard to escape the "Queen of the Fall Flowers." Ever wondered why Mums are such a big deal. Check out these interesting facts about our favorite Fall flower.

1. First, you should know that mum is short for chrysanthemum. This flower is similar to the daisy and comes in a wide assortment of sizes and colors. This iconic Fall flower, first grew in popularity during Colonial Times.

2. Mums remain the most widely grown potted plant in the country and are one of the longest lasting of all cut flowers. This latter attribute, along with their artistic allure, make mums highly favored by floral arrangers.

3. In the United States, the chrysanthemum is the largest commercially produced flower due to its ease of cultivation, capability to bloom on schedule, diversity of bloom forms and colors, and holding quality of the blooms.

4. An interesting contrast to the positive feelings many Americans have of the chrysanthemum (football games, house-warming presents, get-well thoughts), is that in many European countries the chrysanthemum is known as the death flower. In countries such as Belgium and Austria, the chrysanthemum is used almost exclusively as a memorial on graves.

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