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Your October To-Do List.


The spookiest month of the year will soon be upon us. But don't let your house haunt you this year with the gravestones of all the projects that have been left uncompleted. It's time to push up those sleeves, turn on a tune and knock these October home maintenance projects off your list.

1. Replace your HVAC filter. This quick item will help make sure your heating systems makes the easy transition into the cooler months. The air filter is usually located behind the wall or floor air return grate. In some systems the filter may be in or near the air handler unit.

2. Check Your Windows. October still has a hint of warmth. Early fall is a great time to install storm windows and reap the benefits of lower heating costs this winter. If storm windows aren’t an option for you, an alternative is to seal out cold drafts using plastic window insulation kits.

3. Fill in the Gaps. Even very small cracks and gaps in your home’s siding and trim can make a big difference in the heating bill this winter!Check your siding – particularly around windows, doors, and vents – for cracked boards, gaps, and cracks. Repair cracks according to the size of the gap.

4. Clean Those Gutters. Seriously, it's time. Clogged and leaking gutters and downspouts can overflow and cause water damage to your home, so it’s important to check and clean and check them for leaks regularly.

5. Winterize your Lawn Equipment. Once you’ve finished with all of your fall lawn maintenance, it’s time to winterize gas-powered lawn equipment, such as lawn mowers and trimmers, so they’ll run properly when spring arrives.Always remove the spark plug wire from the spark plug before working on gas powered lawn equipment to prevent it from starting up unexpectedly.

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