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Your September To-Dos

September will be here shortly. It will bring a change of seasons, a change of wardrobe and a change in home maintenance demands. Here's your September To-Do list to ensure that you're keeping your home well-maintained and staying ahead of any issues.

september home maintenance list

1. Service your HVAC - September is definitely windows open weather. However, now is the best time to go and get your HVAC serviced. This will ensure that your HVAC is in tip top shape when it is time to turn on the heat.

2. Inspect Your Roof - The change in season can bring storms, hurricanes, etc. If you can access your attic, check under your roof during or just after a rainstorm to see if any water is entering your home. Pay particular attention around the chimney, where leaks are the most common.

3. Trim Your Trees - Take the time to trim any branches growing near your roof, especially dead branches that overhang it. Not only are dead branches more flammable than live ones, but they’re also more likely to fall in a wind or snow storm and cause considerable damage to your roof, chimney, and gutters.

4. Check Your Extinguishers - Inspect your fire extinguishers so they’re ready in case you need them, checking to make sure: the the nozzle isn't clogged, the hose isn't cracked, it's not past the expiration date, and that the tamper seal is intact.

You could tackle all these projects in a weekend so that you're able to spend the rest of the month enjoying the cooler temps and seasonal activities. Don't forget to come down and visit us at Santee Hardware. We're always happy to see you and support you in your DIY projects.

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