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House Plants are Your Homies

house plants

Everyone loves a well landscaped yard. They'll ooo and aww over flowers that will only be around for a short time. For the plants that stick around all year and provide us comfort through the colder months, you won't find as many champions. However, we are here to tell you that House Plants are the real MVPs.

Before you go out and drop $100 on any old houseplant, take some time to do preliminary research on which house plant makes sense not only for you, but for your house. House plants have different temperature and light requirements. It's important to know which house plant will thrive in your specific environment.

Because the plants are inside and contained in pots, you need to play the role of Mother Nature. This includes watering, providing light, fertilizing, circulating the air, and monitoring humidity among other things. However, if you pick the right plants, then upkeep should be a breeze and you can finally enjoy a home filled with green, living plants.

If your plant starts to look depressed, the #1 suspect is always over-watering. Take some time to refresh your memory on the water requirements for your house plant. The adjustments in water intake should be able to cheer your plant right back up.

Come on down to Santee Hardware and take some time to choose your new best friend. We promise that you won't regret it.

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