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Your Washer & Dryer: A Hero's Tale

washing machine

Sure, doing the laundry is everyone's least favorite chore. That's why the Washing Machine & Dryer are the real unsung heroes of every household. So Unless you want to make laundry worse by having to take your clothes to the laundromat or scrub them out back in the creek, it's important that you do regular maintenance on your washer and dryer. And if you treat them right, you'll be able to complain about their chore for years to come.

Clean your filter. Seriously. Get the lint out of your dryer vent after every usage. A full vent can cause real strain on your dryer, causing it to work extra hard. It's also a huge fire hazard! We recommend placing a small trash can next to your dryer to collect the lent. Fun fact. Lint makes an excellent fire starter when you're going camping!

Clean your washer. Yes, you have to clean your washer. Just because you're using soap and water in it doesn't mean that you're killing all the germs that can build up inside of it. Routinely disinfect it by running a clothes-free wash cycle with hot water and a cup of bleach.

Pay attention to your loads. Try to sort out your laundry into the appropriate sizes. A small load in the washer causes excess water usage and can cut down the life of your washer. A too large load will make it hard for all of your clothes to get cleaned and even harder for your dryer to take care of them. Find the balance in each load!

Check your hoses. The water hose in your washer can dry out and crack or break. Check it regularly for leaks and bubbles. Routinely check your dryer vent hose to be sure that it is not kinked or bent in a way that can restrict airflow. Not only can a bent hose limit the flow of air out of the dryer, it can increase the risk of lint building up in the hose.

Follow these easy maintenance tips and you'll have clean, good smelling clothes for years to come.

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