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Changing a Light Fixture

One of the easiest ways to improve a room is to upgrade the light fixtures. New light fixtures can create warmth, vibrancy and enhance the dullest of rooms with the flip of a switch. This is an easy DIY project to tackle and below are our suggestions to make the process even easier.

1. Turn off the Power: Go to your electrical panel and find the switch for the corresponding room where the new light fixture is going. Flip that switch to off before starting your project.

2. Remove Old Fixtures: Remove the old light fixture carefully. Start with the cover and then remove the wire nuts and untwist the fixture’s wires from the ceiling wires. Remove the base of the old fixture.

3. Check the Connection: Once the old fixture is removed examine the electrical box in the ceiling. If it is loose, tighten the screws. The box needs to be able to support the weight of the new fixture. If you have any questions or doubts, do not proceed and call a licensed electrician.

4. Connect the New Fixture: Follow the fixture’s instruction manual carefully for specific instructions on matching the wires on the new light fixture to the wires in the ceiling. Using a wire stripper, remove the protective coating of the fixture wires, and wrap the bare sections of each wire around the corresponding ceiling wire. Screw a wire nut on each connection. Connect the grounding wire. If you do not have an instruction manual or are unsure of any connections, contact a licensed electrician.

5. Secure the Fixture's Base: Place the connected wires back into the electrical box. Use the hardware included with your light fixture to attach the base to the electrical box.

6. Check Your Connection: Once the base is secure, screw bulbs with the appropriate wattage onto the fixture. Return to your electrical panel and switch on the circuit breaker. Turn on the light. If the light does not turn on, turn the breaker off again and check your wiring connections, or contact a licensed electrician to check them for you.If your light turns on, great job! Install the trim and cover of your light fixture.

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