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Christmas Safety Reminder

At Santee Hardware, we aim to be a trusted resource for all of your hardware needs. We're always happy to answer questions for you. One of the most popular questions that we are asked this time of year is "Is there an adapter with two male ends for my Christmas Lights?"

Now, the reason that we get asked this question is because someone has taken the time and care to decorate their house with gorgeous Christmas lights, only to find out that at the end, they've ended up with a female end and no way to plug in the lights. The only solution to this problem is to take a few minutes before beginning to lay out your lights in such a way, that you end with a male end.

You see, double male adapter are dangerous and illegal. They can shock you, or your family and they can end up shorting out your lights or causing an electrical fire. If you've found one online, we recommend disposing of it immediately.

We know that its disheartening when this happens and you realize that you have to rehang all of your lights, but taking the time to do it right can save you a costly mistake.

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