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Treat Yourself: Lawn Care Edition

As we look over the horizon, we can see the end of summer approaching. It's not time to start mourning yet, we still have a solid 6-8 weeks of sunshine. However, we can start preparing our lawns for the end of summer.

1. Keep Your Mower High - It's important that when you're mowing, you keep your blades 3" or high to encourage the roots to grow deep.

2. Reseed as Needed - Have you been battling a particularly stubborn brown patch all summer? Now is the time to defeat it for good. The first step, is to perform a soil test to see what's lacking. Then you will cut and remove the grass clippings. Next to you a apply a seed that's best for your soil. Finally, water!

3. Prepare for Winter - Now is a great time to strengthen your lawn to endure the winter months ahead. After you've seeded and mowed, you can apply an organic fall winterizer that will give your soil the needed nutrients.

Now it's time to enjoy the rest of your grilling season, knowing that your lawn is in tip top shape. Come see us at Santee Hardware to pick up your supplies for both your landscaping projects and your grilling needs.

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