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Treat Your Lawn Mower Right

Santee Hardware Lawn Mower

Who doesn't love the smell of a fresh cut lawn? The satisfaction of looking over a job well done? Mowing the yard is one of our favorite summertime activities. In order to keep that lawn looking fresh, it is imperative that you perform regular maintenance on your lawn mower. Below are 3 easy routine maintenance items that you can do all on your own to keep your mower in tip top condition. You'll want to disconnect the spark plug before doing any work on your mower for safety reasons.

1. Clean the deck. You should clean out debris and grit from the deck of your mower after each use. You can use soap, water, and a wire brush if the debris is especially stuck on there.

2. Check the Oil. You should check the oil in your mower 2 times a season. If the oil is low, go ahead and put some in your mower. If you notice that the oil is black and gunky, go ahead and change it out.

3. Check the air filter. A dirty air filter can put a strain on your mower. If your mower has a paper filter, go ahead and replace it. If your mower has a foam filter, you can rinse it off and put it back in place.

That's it. These simple maintenance items will save you a world of headache and allow you to truly enjoy this summer chore.

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