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Bored with your Bathroom?

Bored with your bathroom? Santee Hardware


Do you dread getting ready in the mornings?

Do you dread getting ready in the mornings? Do you sometimes skip showers for a couple of days because you just can't face your boring bathroom? We, at Santee Hardware, understand and we are here to help you. Below are some small things that you can do to inject some life back into your bathroom.

You can place some houseplants in the bathroom. The greenery will certainly brighten up the environment. With the artificial light and humidity, plants like aloe, azaleas, and ferns are your best options. They thrive in that type of environment.

Another easy upgrade, is to install new bathroom hardware. There are so many options from vintage, to modern, to rustic that you'll definitely be able to find some that fit your personality. You'll be amazed at how much this small project can refresh the look of your entire bathroom.

Is your vanity kind of dated? Do you sometimes finding yourself just wanting to kick it to the curb? Don't! There's no need to replace your whole vanity when you can put on a coat of fresh paint. Painting your vanity is much easier than painting the entire bathroom, but it can still change the look and feel.

A more practical project that will definitely brighten up the whole room is caulking. Recaulking your sink and tub will not only brighten things up but it will prevent leaks and water damage.

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These are just a few ideas. If you're interested in more bathroom projects, come on down to Santee Hardware. We'd love to talk to you about it.

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