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Table for Two

Pallet Board Coffee Table, Santee Hardware Valentine's Day

Sure, Valentine's Day can be kind of a hokey holiday. However, we think that instead of turning your back on the holiday altogether you embrace the spirit of 'the Holiday in a unique way.

We suggest that you plan a project with your significant other and have a fun date night at home. You'll save the headache of making reservations, the guilt of eating the whole box of chocolates that was intended for your better half, and you'll have a lasting memento of your time together.

The perfect Valentine's Day project for you and your better half is your very own table for two.


The first step in this project is to come on down to Santee Hardware together and let us help you pick out the right wood for your table and tastes. Then we will help you pick out your screws, your casters, and guide you to the stains section where we will leave you two to select the Cabot Wood Stain color that best represents your relationship. Is your relationship an amethyst? A cajun spice? A Portland rose? A merlot? Or is it a midnight? We'll let you decide.


Next, swing by the store and pick up a few finger foods and a nice bottle of wine or a 6 pack of some craft beers before heading home.

Once your home and all set up, you're going to want to measure your wood (TWICE!) and then cut it to size. Now there are lots of different coffee table options out there. We, personally, like this one. The extra shelf for storage space is a really nice touch.

Pallet Wood coffee table for two.

When the wood is cut, you can take turns holding and using the drill. In no time, and with plenty of team work, you'll have a gorgeous new coffee table. We recommend putting it to good use immediately by setting up that cheese plate, taking a seat on the floor and enjoying your Valentine's Day together.

Be sure to send us a picture of your completed work!

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