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The Psychology of Paint Colors

One of the easiest ways to spruce up your home is to change the paint color. We know that a lot of times this can start with excitement and end up with you scratching your head deciding between canary yellow and Big Bird yellow. This decision will inevitably lead to you wondering just who has the title of Paint Color Namer and if it is the same person that is the Nail Polish Color Namer.

Today, we are going to give you some information on the psychology behind paint colors. This should help you begin to navigate your way through the process with ease. Once you have your main color choice picked out, come on down and we'll help you weed your way through the varying shades until we find the perfect color for you.

Blue is an excellent choice for the bedroom. This color is known to create a sense of calmness and serenity. Always go with a lighter shade such as periwinkle or turquoise to create this effect. Dark blues can create a sense of sadness.

Yellow represents warmth and summer. This makes it a great choice for those areas of your home that get less natural light. A pale yellow provides the perfect amount of sunshine to an entryway or hallway. It's best to not use it in a main room or large area though, as it has been known to cause increased feelings of anger and frustration.

Purple is known to stimulate the mind and be relaxing at the same time. A touch of lilac purple in the kitchen will aid you in trying a new recipe without the anxiety of messing it up. (Or at least, that's the theory. We make no guarantees.)

Red is bold and confident, but it's also cheerful. Check out this article here regarding red paint. It's a great color for a dining room as it creates a festive environment. It will help draw people together and energize the room. Stay away from crimson shades as they've been known to create feelings of rage and hostility. You certainly don't want that type of energy during a board game night with your family.

Orange is an energetic color. This is the perfect color for your home gym, or perhaps as an accent wall in front of your treadmill. It will definitely increase your energy level.

Green is obviously the color of the great outdoors. It's a calming color known for bringing a soothing energy into a room. This makes it a great pick for a living or family room or wherever the whole family relaxes. It's considered to be the easiest color on the eyes and is therefore a stress relieving color.

You can use this information as the first step in the color picking process. The next step is to come visit us at Santee Hardware and let us guide you through the next steps. We'll see you soon!

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