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DIY Christmas Wreath Ideas

Nothing puts us in the Christmas spirit more than coming home to a festive Christmas wreath hanging on our front door. There are so many wonderful ideas out there for homemade, DIY, up-cycled wreaths. We wanted to show you a few of our favorite ideas.

Most wreaths start with the same basic supplies; floral wire, hot glue gun, twine and garland. Once you’ve picked out the wreath you would like to make, be sure to come down to the store and we can help you find all the supplies that you need.

1. The Rustic Wreath

This one is made of burlap and incorporates jute twine snowman, similar to the ornaments we made a couple of weeks ago!

2. The Pine Cone Wreath

We love the snow touched look of this one. Take a crisp walk to gather the pine cones needed for this basically free DIY wreath. The only supplies you’ll need to come by the store for is white spray paint, floral wire and some hot glue sticks for your hot glue gun.

3. The Kid Friendly Wreath

Have your kids join in the fun and help you make this easy construction paper wreath. You'll want to stick to Elmer's Spray Adhesive for this project, so that no little fingers get burned.

Kids Christmas Wreath

4. The Christmas Ornament Wreath

Don’t feel like you need to stick to just one color. Grab your old Christmas Ornaments, a wire hanger, a hot glue gun and you’ll have this gorgeous, fun wreath put together in less than 30 minutes.

Christmas Ornament Wreath

5. The Star Wars Wreath

Grab some of those old toys, pick up some ribbon from the store, and you'll have the perfect wreath for the Jedi in your life.

Star Wars wreath

As always, we love to see the projects that you're working on so feel free to share them on our Facebook.

We'll be hosting a 'Twine & Wine' even on Thursday December 14th at Polly's Campground & Restaurant. We'll be having fun making the jute twine ornaments and we'd love to see you all there. For more information, check out our Facebook page.

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