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DIY Rustic Christmas Ornament

DIY Christmas Ornaments - Santee Hardware

One of our favorite parts of the Holiday season is getting together with family or good friends or both, putting on some Christmas tunes and doing some seasonal crafting. It’s best if you have some Christmas cookies in the oven too.

The crafts we like best are those that are easy enough for all ages, and will last over the years. This year, we wanted to go with a rustic theme for our Holiday decor. When we stumbled upon this simple and classic upcycled ornaments, we knew we hit the jackpot.

This Christmas, host your own ‘Bring Your Own Bulbs’ party. Gather up all those old glass Christmas bulbs, the mismatched ones and the chipped paint ones. Invite all of your loved ones to do the same.

Christmas bulb DIY - Santee Hardware

The other supplies that you will need to complete this project are Elmer’s multi-purpose spray adhesive and Wellington Jute Twine. We’ve found that one roll of twine is just enough for 3 ornaments.

To start, spray the top of the ornament (below the metal piece) with the Elmer’s adhesive. Then press and hold the end of the Wellington Jute Twine right beneath the metal piece until it is secure.

Next you’ll spray about ⅓ of the ornament and start wrapping the jute around it. Make sure to stop and press the jute firmly against the ornament as you do, so you don’t have any gaps.

At this point, you can flip the ornament over and hold it by the metal piece. This will make it easier to handle. Continue by spraying the rest of the bulb with the glue and then wrapping it with the jute. Keep stopping every couple of turns and taking the time to press the jute into the adhesive.

DIY Twine Christmas Ornament - Santee Hardware

When you have the tiny hole left to fill at the bottom of the ornament, cut the jute off of the roll, leaving just enough to fill the space. Add one more bit of the adhesive to the ornament then press the jute firmly to secure the end.

At this point, you can customize the ornament by adding your name or maybe even a snowman with crafting paint.

Come on down to Santee Hardware today and we’ll help you find the supplies you need. Be sure to share pictures of your handiwork on our Facebook page.

Warning: If you leave these sitting out, they run the risk of becoming cat toys.

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