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Spend Your Thanksgiving in Nature \\ #getoutside

Enjoy Thanksgiving outside. #getoutside

Thanksgiving is one of the holidays that we really look forward to every year. What can be better than getting together with all of your loved ones, cooking a good meal and just taking a moment to really be thankful for each other? We, at Santee Hardware, enjoy being outside with our family, which is why we recommend setting up your Thanksgiving outside.

We have more than a few items in store to help achieve the perfect, festive outdoor Thanksgiving extravaganza.

You’re going to want to start by preparing your yard for company. Take your choice from a Black & Decker Handheld Leaf Blower, the Worx 20V cordless Yard Blower, or a simple rake to clear the yard of all those colorful leaves. We’ve also got Mintcraft Lawn & Leaf bags at the store to bag them up in.

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Now that the yard is clean, it is onto the fun part. You’re going to want to map out your yard into a cooking zone and play zone.It’s important to separate these areas for the safety of the children and pets that will no doubt be running around.

Chef in the Cooking Zone

The cooking zone will be set up with your deep fryer. We’ve got the Bayou Classic 30 qt. Aluminum Fryer and the Bayou Classic Gas Stove. This size pot will hold a turkey up to 20 pounds, though we recommend not going over 18 so that you can give your turkey some room to cook. Be sure to completely thaw your turkey, as ice and hot oil are not a good combination

A family making memories on Thanksgiving. #getoutside

It’s also important to gather all your loved ones around for the lowering of the turkey. Most of your other Thanksgiving dishes should be done and just being kept warm by now. Since it’s an 18 pound turkey, it’ll take about 72 minutes to cook. What this means is that you now have 72 minutes to enjoy a good hide- and-seek tournament with your family or whatever your yard game of choice is. This, of course, will happen in the play zone section of the yard.

Once the turkey and other fixin's are ready, we encourage you to set up some camp chairs outside in a large circle and enjoy your Thanksgiving meal in your own yard.

Eat Thanksgiving dinner outside.

This will make it easier to clean up and will allow you to go right back to the play zone and start burning off those calories.

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