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Build a Fence, But Install a Gate

Are you ready for some privacy in your life? Is it time to create your own oasis? Then it's time to put up that fence that you've been talking about for years. Before you do though, take these steps to prepare.


1. Get a Survey - Sure, you and your neighbor are great friends. However, when it comes down to who owns how much, you want a professional to weigh in. In order to get ahead of any possible legal trouble, get a professional survey so you know exactly where you can put that fence.

2. Know the Rules - Each different city/town has a different rule for fencing. Make certain that you're familiar with the local statutes before building. This will ensure that you won't have to tear down a perfectly good fence or pay any fines.

3. Inform the Neighbors - Let the neighbors on all sides of you know what's up. One, that's just common manners. Two, it ensures that you don't have any grumpy neighbors yelling at your fencing crew at 7 in the morning.

4. Pick your Material - How much maintenance will you have time for each year? This answer will play a huge role in what type of fencing is right for you.

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