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Keep Your Power Tools Powerful

power tools

Your power tools help you make it through those DIY projects. Don't just toss them aside afterwards. It's important to take care of your power tool so that they can continue to support you. Be sure to take the following simple steps to ensure that your power tools keep working year after year.

1. Proper Storage - Moisture, dirt, and dust can get into the motor of your power tools. Over time this can cause them to malfunction or overheat. When you're done using the tool, it's important that you put it away in a protected location. You'll want to keep them stored somewhere that has some climate-control.

2. Keep them from Heat - Your power tool naturally produces heat during use. Avoid exposing it to additional heat like an open flame or additional heat sources that can cause it to overheat quickly. Take note during use on the exterior temperature. If it starts to increase, stop and let the tool cool down before proceeding.

3. Lubrication - In order to keep your power tool in good working condition, you'll need to keep the bearings lubricated. The motor and all of its parts need to work together smoothly for the tool to last. Be sure to check what specific kind of oil the manufacturer suggests.

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